Sports Program

Sports Program

LMMH sport programme focuses on a variety of strands to encourage the enjoyment of Active living, Movement Competencies, Skills and Strategies, as well as Healthy Living.
These strands include, but are not limited to the development of Active Participation, Safety Awareness, and Fundamental Movement Skills which include locomotion, stability and manipulation. Several components of the curriculum provide an opportunity for students to engage in physical activities for the improvement of their personal fitness, the acquisition of knowledge and the development of sports skills. 
The programme sports include:



Every week, students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of playing Tennis individually and in a group setting.


ski (1)

Down the slopes! We spend the winter on the slopes. Every Wednesday, LMMH students spend a few hours learning how to ski and snowboard.



LMMH students are taught enhanced golfing techniques to help improve their game.  Students enjoy playing a game or two with friends on the golf course.



LMMH students play soccer once a week on a soccer field with their friends. they are taught how to be a team player and soccer techniques.